Perfectworld Hell2world

Hell2world 136 Incasting

Hell2world Coordinate Hard bosses

1.The Forgotten Frostland 117.967
2.Land of the Burning Heart 117.757
3.Dawn’s Cry Isle 696.932

Hell2world Coordinate World bosses

1.Emerald Dragon Gulf 624.668
2.The Frozen River 274.943
3.The Mountains of Morning Dew 658.551
4.Fragrant Hills 650.583
5.King’s Feast 453.420
6.Sandsong Ruins 106.466
7.Land of Buried Bones 120.339
8.Peach Blossom Grove 660.560
9.Stairway to Heaven 440.550
10.Stairway to Heaven 440.550

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